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If you are interested in writing and are looking for a writing group then come and join us at our meetings in Nowra. 

Our aim is to encourage, celebrate and sympathise with our members in their writing endeavours and have fun at the same time!

We are affiliated with the Fellowship of Australian Writers - NSW Inc.    

Please contact us by email for further information about our group   

Don't procrastinate - create instead! 

If you have been thinking about making your writing more of a priority then consider joining the group for 2014. Our program will include how to get an idea from your imagination onto the page, as well as peer assessed critiquing and consolidation of techniques - oh yes plus fun! Click on the link for our 2014 Program.

The 2014 Shoalhaven Literary Award for Poetry prize winners have been announced go to the Competitons page for more information and to read all the winning poems.